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  • Sunshine Ranches Map ( North View )

  • Sunshine Ranches Map ( East View )

  • Sunshine Ranches Street Map

  • Sunshine Ranches Aerial View 1970

  • Sunshine Ranches Aerial View 1970

  • Sunshine Ranches Aerial View 1980

    SUNSHINE RANCHES features 2 - 20 acre luxury estates: four square miles of country living with unique zoning, E1 estate along the north boundary and E2 rural ranches throughout most of the area south,with the added benefit of state designation Rural Estates and Rural Ranches.

    The Homeowners Association, a volunteer organization, has fought many battles during its almost 30 year history, most for the love of our green, wide-open space and to preserve our country lifestyle.They have supported the Volunteer Fire Department, the Pony Club, the Western Riders, and also successfully prevented business zoning, banned mobile homes and most recently worked to create a protected Wetland area along our south boundary.

    Marnette has been a resident in this area for more than thirty six years and from years of experience can assist you in finding the perfect property.

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